CANDI participates in Somerstown Festival

City and Islington College are happy to announce their involvement in this year’s Somerstown Festival in Camden.

Now celebrating its 21st consecutive year, the Somerstown Festival aims to represent the culture and community of “every country on Earth”, bringing together thousands for a free one day event on Charlton Street, near King’s Cross. This year, the British Library is giving up their Piazza for the festival, making space for three stages across the grounds.

Built around the borough’s famous live music scene, the festival also draws on Camden’s eclectic mix of talents, hosting poetry and comedy stands, street theatre, art, international cuisine and funfair, as well as film screenings and niche markets.

City and Islington College will be appearing alongside its Capital City College Group partner college Westminster Kingsway College, offering free information and advice on Further Education and selling hand-made jewellery. Staff and students will be volunteering to help throughout the day, offering valuable insight into working with young people and adults, and speaking in a public space.

Sara Siddiqui, Lecturer in Childcare at Westminster Kingsway College said: “It’s great to have the collaboration of students from both colleges at this event. Somerstown Festival is a good opportunity for students to see the role of their colleges in the community.

“By talking to members of the public about their courses, students are also able to reflect on why they chose their course; an event like this allows students to verbalise how their college experience fits into their life plans.

“Many students will also be going off to university or into work after the summer, so the Somerstown Festival event is a chance at legacy; it’s the chance for our current cohort to impart and final words of wisdom before leaving the college and going on to bigger things.”

City and Islington College student Naveena Dhera told us: “At City and Islington you get these opportunities to see how different businesses and projects run, and the different roles within them.

“It really helps in making a choice in your future career. I think this is a good chance to share with the community my experience and to help others find these opportunities.”

Students and staff from City and Islington College will be in the Information Area of the festival between 9am and 6pm on Saturday.

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