City and Islington students take over the Tate

22 March 2018 City and Islington College students running an event at Tate Modern

Students from City and Islington College have been running free workshops at the world-famous Tate Modern from 20-23 March 2018 – transforming the Tate Exchange space into a production line for designing and making products.

Over 100 art and design students from our Centre for Business Arts and Technology in Holloway have been running production lines at the Tate this week, using materials from fabric and wool, to card and paper. They are using traditional processes and skills such as painting, print, sewing, sticking, joining, folding, stapling to create exciting experimental work to get visitors to the Tate exchange excited about the endless possibilities of working in art and design.

The students are interacting with the public who can get involved in the production lines – chatting to people about their work and the thought processes behind their creation. This helps the students to think critically about their work and explain what they are doing – a really vital skill when they leave college and look to make a living from their skills.  As Curriculum Leader Marie Bradley explained: “At City and Islington, students gain valuable life skills and some business knowledge, as well as developing the technical skills that are essential in the creative industry. The Tate Production Line project is a great example of work experience students can gain when studying. British artist Clare Twomey ( has been working with the students and speak to them about the idea of production and what they will be doing at Tate exchange. She was really good at supporting students in the planning of the project.”

Anyone can go to the Tate sessions, which are free of charge.  For more information, visit




Photos taken by Nyakeh David