CANDI Nurseries

City and Islington College has two nurseries for children of our students, one at our Centre for Business, Arts and Technology on Camden Road and one at our Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park. The nurseries are open from 8.40am to 5.20pm each day, during term time. Childcare times and days are allocated in line with your study timetable.

Our aim is to support you and your child by providing an enjoyable and educational experience within the City and Islington College nurseries, helping you and your child to enjoy and achieve.

The nurseries aim to provide a service which fosters your child’s active learning, development and wellbeing, offering quality daycare under the guidance of the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Through this framework, we support children in their earliest years by planning our activities from children’s interests and observations through the Key Persons. Children learn most effectively when they are actively involved and interested, seeking support and guidance from adults when needed.

Staff, students and children from many cultural backgrounds attend our nurseries and our staff team reflects the local communities we serve. We are proud of the fact that our clients and staff team come from different cultures and we believe it contributes to the rich experiences we are able to offer to each other. 

We aim:

  • To provide a secure, happy caring environment for all our users that gives every child the best start
  • To ensure our children are seen as individuals and their needs are met to help our children reach their full potential – our Key Early Years Practitioners build positive relationships with their children and strive to gain a true understanding of their Key Children
  • To provide respect and understanding for all religions and cultures – we celebrate festivals and events that are meaningful to the children and their families, encouraging positive attitudes, awareness and respect of diversity
  • We aim to build on each child’s self-esteem, and together with mutual care and respect for others, we can encourage children to make a positive contribution to the nursery and the wider community. This is achieved in partnership with our parents
  • To comply with the regulations set out by the Local Authority (the Children Act 2004), and to follow college procedures
  • To provide a Key Person system
  • To support each child’s learning and development through observation, assessment and planning (EYFS)
Centre for Business, Arts
and Technology
444 Camden Road
N7 0SP
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Sixth Form College
283-309 Goswell Road
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Centre for Lifelong Learning
28-42 Blackstock Road
Finsbury Park
N4 2DG
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Centre for Applied Sciences
311-321 Goswell Road
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020 7700 9200