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Fashion and Clothing

This hands-on course introduces you to the techniques and processes you need to be successful in fashion design and garment production for fashion and costumes.

Psychology - Access to Higher Education Diploma

This course is for adults who wish to study Psychology or a related field. This is the perfect bridge to a career in Clinical Psychology, Sports Psychology, Counselling and even Public Relations.

Link to Personal Training with Strength and Conditioning Foundation Degree course

Personal Training FdSc

This is the only course of its kind in London - no other degree course specifically prepares you for a career as a personal trainer.

Forensic Science - Access to Higher Education

This course provides a pathway into a variety of Higher Education degree courses at universities, including Forensic Science and other science courses.

Beauty Therapy with ESOL Support - NVQ Level 1

Beauty Therapy with ESOL Support - NVQ Level 1

This course is the ideal first step to a career in the beauty industry, particularly if you need to top-up your English language skills too. Find out more here.

Applied Science (Environmental Physics)

A great mixture of hands-on work, industry visits and study in the theory of environmental science. Leading to a wide range of advanced degrees, in the sciences and environmental sectors.