Public Services

Are you interested in Public Services? These courses provide a comprehensive overview of how the Public Services are run in the UK, as well as the roles that exist within each service.

The course will train you to work in all areas of the sector. You will develop your knowledge of uniformed and non-uniformed public service sectors and will gain an insight into the skills necessary for careers in the police, ambulance, fire services and local government. 

Your study programme will include units such as Improving Health and Fitness for Entry into Uniformed Service Practical Teamwork in Public Services, Personal Skills for Public Service and Criminology. You will participate in a range of practical work, including opportunities to steward at events, a life training course with the Fire Brigade and fitness assessment run with the Armed Forces. At level 3, you will also take part in a yearly residential trip.

As well as work-related activities, you will also study Math and English if you don't already have a Grade 4 in these subjects. Maths and English are important skills in the Public Services, the Armed Forces and for progression to university. 

Future careers can include:

  • Armed Forces
  • Fire Service
  • Police
  • Royal Navy



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