Animal Care

Interested in working with animals?

Our courses open the door to a range of careers, including veterinary nurse, animal technician, conservationist zoo keeper or scientist, designing pet food or animal products.

At the Centre for Applied Sciences, we have a specialised Animal Care Centre housing a range of small exotic animals. As part of these study programmes, you’ll have the opportunity to look after, care for and learn about these animals, including marmosets, mice, lemurs, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, chameleons, snakes, geckos, spiders, frogs, various parrots and a wide range of fish.

Our courses lead to careers...

Our courses involve lots of practical work as well as visits to conservation areas, zoos and farms. You will complete an extended research project and will study a wide range of animal-based topics, including Animal Health and Nutrition, Animal Biology, Exotic Animal Husbandry, Conservation, Animal Behaviour and Genetics.

There are also opportunities to participate in fully-funded work placements with mammals overseas, or more locally at locations such as the Heathrow Airport Animal Reception Centre. In addition to the general entry requirements for each level (see page 14), you’ll need to meet the additional subject requirements.

Future careers can include:
• Animal Technician
• Conservationist Zoo Keeper
• Scientist designing pet food
• Veterinary Nurse

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