Skin Deep - #weareallimmigrants - Themed Learning Week


Skin Deep - #weareallimmigrants - is our Themed Learning Week for 2019, from 11 February to 15 February, featuring events, shows, music, talks, photography and performance.

Skin Deep is the fifth themed learning week we have organised and it looks set to be our best yet. Students and staff across the college will be performing, displaying, reciting and singing about the positive role multiculturalism plays in our society. There has been a lot of negative press recently towards immigrants in particular. The events throughout the week will attempt to challenge the negative portrayal of immigration
and promote the way that living in a diverse community enriches everyone’s lives.

This year running alongside the events taking place at Centre for Business, Arts and Technology, the Performing Arts Department have teamed up with the Tate Modern and are putting on a multi-media exhibition on the fifth floor of the gallery starting on Tuesday 15 February. Check out the what’s happening at the Tate and get down there to join in the fun.

MAKE > SHIFT - Tate Modern - 12-15 February - 12pm-6pm

Take part in making and sharing work inspired by Tania Bruguera's Turbine Hall Commission

Come and immerse yourself in a makeshift interactive world of stories, materials, images, sound and movement as we explore the migration of people around our planet. Hear the stories of those displaced by environmental changes, conflict and persecution and witness the strength and fragility of those that have made these journeys and call this their home.

Enjoy a variety of performance styles including physical, verbatim and forum theatre, circus performance and live music. Watch from the sides or become active participants in performances with students from the School of Creative Arts at City and Islington College, as they transform the Tate Exchange.

- For more information, please visit the Tate Modern website

- Download the MAKE > SHIFT programme of events

Centre for Business, Arts & Technology - 11-15 February

Monday 11 February - 11am
Skin Deep - Launch 

Speakers include Michelline Ngongo (local Labour Councillor), Roy O'Shaughnessy (CEO, Capital City College Group) and Naima Omar (from Stand Up To Racism). They will be joined by students from the college, with Performing Arts students showcasing songs, spoken word and dance as part of the launch.

Tuesday 12 February
Workshop with Majid Adin

An ex-ESOL student, Majid will be holding workshops for students about his work in animation. He has recently had his work exhibited in the House of Illustration in London.

Wednesday 13 February 

In the theatre students from the Performing Arts Department will performing a range of Physical theatre and spoken word that explores the plight of refugees - their struggle and movement.

Thursday 14 February - 11am-11pm
Food from around the world 

International food sale run by ESOL students, raising money for the Save the Children Yemen Crisis Appeal. Try delicious home-made food from around the world: injera from East Africa, samosas and spring rolls from Asia, or some comforting carrot cake – and much more! 

Friday 15 February - 1pm
The closing finale

Students from the Music Department will perform live in the canteen songs that have been inspired by movement and migration. The songs are covers and ones that have been written by the students themselves. Love Music Hate Racism will be co-hosting the performance.

Throughout the week at CBAT...

In the Canteen
Journeys Drawn 

A collection of ten artists who have attempted to capture the experience of what it is like to be a refugee attempting to cross borders in search of a better life. 

In the Gallery 
(to be found at the end of the quad) 
this is england - embrace it! 

A photographic exhibition by Sean Vernell and Neil Phillips. The exhibition is entitled , this is england - embrace it! 18 portraits of students and staff at CBAT. The portraits are of our time and celebrate the diverse and multicultural society we live in.

In the Canteen 

Skillsbase students worked will also be displayed. They have created an immigration timeline that charts immigration in Britain from the 1750s to the present.

Myth Busting

Throughout the college there will be posters displaying facts created by the School of Enterprise that challenge the mainstream press portrayal of immigrants. The real fact as opposed to fake news will show the positive role that immigration has on our society. 

Get writing

The library staff are organising a writing competition, Here and There. To enter submit a short piece of writing on the theme of immigration. This can be in the form of a story, an essay, a poem or a song based on fictional or real-life experience.

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