A Level Photography Students show Great Resilience in Producing Outstanding Work from Home

photography student image of food and wine

Since the Autumn term, Year 12 students at our Sixth Form Centre have worked on their second practical project of the course, putting together a variety of responses to the theme of still life. 

Due to the lockdown, some students were unable to get into the studio to produce their projects and have shown great resilience in producing outstanding work from home. Here we celebrate just a few of the images our learners have developed since last term!

Visual Arts Lecturer Jan Evans shared how ‘The Year 12 students began a skills-building project in December of 2020, exploring the theme of Still Life. Within the project they researched several approaches to the genre, considering traditional modes of representation such as Vanitas through to more contemporary ways of interpreting the theme, looking to find still life in domestic spaces and considering how still life can take on sculptural qualities. Unfortunately, the majority of the shoots were undertaken at home as the January lockdown meant students could no longer access the studio facilities in college. We have been incredibly impressed with the imaginative and resourceful responses the cohort have produced. Each student has worked hard to find creative solutions to the problems working from home can present resulting in a brilliant body of work’.

Below are some of the ‘working from home’ photos taken by our first year A Level photography students. If you want to learn more about the range of skills our learners aquire on the course, find us on Instagram at @candicollegephotography


If you want to learn more about the range of skills our learners aquire on the course, find us on Instagram at @candicollegephotography.

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