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What is a sub-contractor?

In relation to City and Islington College, a subcontractor is a Training Provider, appointed by the College following necessary and robust due diligence to deliver a high quality learning programme to City and Islington College students, in part or in full, the majority of which takes place outside of college premises. 

How we work with Sub-contractors

City and Islington College highly values its partnerships with a diverse range of sub-contractors in delivering a wide variety of courses and qualifications to our learners throughout Greater London.

The College has long-standing experience of sub-contracted relationships and strongly believes in cultivating and developing these connections in order to ensure learners get a high quality learning experience and support their aims of progression to work and/or to further education and training.

In order to meet its aims of widening access of provision to all the communities it serves, the College, through its sub-contracting arrangements, is in a position to:

  • Offer programmes which enhance progression routes to other college provision – and externally
  • Grow the provision mix and provide learners and employers with niche or specialist provision offered by partners
  • Offer programmes locally which it currently does not deliver
  • Provide programmes in communities that the College finds hard to reach
  • Respond to learner and employer needs and requirements by offering the flexibility of delivery of provision at times and venues convenient to them.

Keys stats

  • The number of learner starts with our Partners has more than doubled over the past three years to 4,132 in 2013-14.
  • Outcomes for learners are extremely positive with success rates increasing year on year to the current position of 91% for classroom based learning in 2013-14 which equates to an improved success rate of 8% over three years with an increase in the no. of learner starts of just over 40%. Workplace learning success rates are outstanding at 96% for 2013-14.

Courses on offer

To find out more about opportunities available through our sub- contracted partnerships follow the course links or contact our Course Information Unit  on 0207 700 9200 or

Subcontractor organisations

Below are some examples of subcontractors organisation that we as a College work with:

Key documents for sub-contractors

Sub-Contracting Appointment and (Fees & Charges) Policy

Expression of Interest form

Tender Application 

Subcontractor Fees Paid