City and Islington College and the Campaign for Science and Engineering

City and Islington College and the Campaign for Science and Engineering

A significant issue for science and engineering in the UK is the poor supply of new skilled technicians. We are not training nearly enough technicians to meet demand. The UK has an aging technician workforce which means that we are losing significant numbers of technicians to retirement every year. Whilst there are some programmes to train new technicians we need to radically increase both the number of programmes and the volumes of people being trained if we are to address the needs of science and engineering.

City and Islington College joined CaSE to ensure that the contributions of Further Education colleges are represented in the debate about the future of science and engineering and that our concerns are voiced when they arise.

The broad membership of CaSE allows it to understand and act as an effective advocate for science and engineering. Since joining CaSE we have not only been able to better present the role of colleges in science and engineering but we have also benefitted from briefings and meeting which allow us to better understand the needs and concerns of the whole community. Membership of CaSE helps to keep us connected and active members of the science and engineering community.

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