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Since 1993 over a quarter of a million young people and adults have studied in further education at City and Islington College. They have come with all sorts of experiences and ambitions and represented every kind of London background. They have studied at many levels – from beginners in English as a second language to Foundation degrees – and grappled with a vast range of subjects and skills. The time they have spent at the College ranges from one to four years and some have completed multiple programmes of study.

The headline statistic in terms of student progress is this: in 1993, well under 50% of students achieved success in their courses. By 2014 the success rate was 85%.

Powerful stories of success, plus performance statistics, inspection reports and awards capture the fullest picture of our history.

Download the 20th Anniversary: The First Twenty Years, 1993-2013 [PDF] to find out more about our history.

One of many success stories from the past 20 years

Huseyin Acar

Huseyin came to London at the age of 15 and could not find a place in school. He eventually enrolled on a full-time ESOL course for young people at the College’s Centre for Lifelong Learning.

After developing his English and taking GCSEs in English and Maths, Huseyin moved to the Sixth Form College to do more GCSEs, followed by A Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Art. He achieved three A grades and a B and also became Student Union President for the whole college. Huseyin went to Bath University in 2008 to study Architecture and has worked in a big architectural practice in London since.

Huseyin’s younger brother has also been to the College and is now at university studying Law.  

Huseyin said: “Without the College, I would have worked in the construction industry as a labourer as many of my friends do. However the College puts people first and gives a chance to people like me. What it did was open my way. It allowed me to engage with British culture, systems and people. Then I could see the opportunities. The College allowed me to choose and gave me the tools to achieve my objectives. If you think of a Formula One driver, the Centre for Lifelong Learning taught me to drive. The Sixth Form College showed me how to accelerate and race to win.”

Chair of governors Alastair Da Costa with students

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