Our mission and values

'The Principal, governors, senior leaders and managers provide very effective leadership. Managers and governors are confident and accomplished in their work to improve the future prospects of their students. They place the needs of students and of their local communities at the heart of the college’s work'

2016 Ofsted Report

Our mission


Our vision

Is what the future looks like – TO BE LONDON’S LEADING COLLEGE.

Taken together, our mission and vision galvanise and bind those working within the College – staff, students, and partners. They are not bland statements that sit framed on a wall, largely ignored: they are catalysts for action. 

What does our mission mean?

To provide EXCEPTIONAL education and training for EVERY student is our mission. Being exceptional is being unusually good at what we do: but being exceptional some of the time, for some students, is insufficient. Consistency is key.

At City and Islington College exceptional training and education:

  • Is rigorously focused on creating the best outcomes for students
  • Enables and encourages all students to set their sights high and achieve their ambitions
  • Goes beyond qualifications; giving students the skills and qualities they need for long-term success in a global economy
  • Has a clear line of sight to work
  • Is highly relevant, innovative and future-focused
  • Is shaped by the needs of students and employers

Is delivered by staff who are passionate, knowledgeable and committed. 

What do we value?

Our values are the key ideas and principles that people within our organisation and our partners believe are important; they define the way we work.


  • Students and staff are dedicated to great learning; learning that is consistently high quality, relevant and focused on outcomes.


  • Ambition is part of our DNA as an organisation – we are always looking for ways to grow and develop what we do for the benefit of our students
  • All our students are supported to develop and achieve their ambitions.
  • Our staff have high aspirations for every student and for themselves. They are encouraged to be bold and creative in their work.


  • Students and staff work together to help every student achieve success
  • We work closely with employers and other partners; drawing in outside expertise to help us secure better outcomes for students


  • Everyone is given the best possible opportunities to learn and be successful
  • Each student and every member of staff is treated as an individual and with respect.
London's leading college

London's Leading College

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City and Islington College Student, Benjie Guy

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