Exams and Results Information

If you’re a current student at CANDI and looking for information about your results (exams and other assessments), you’ll find all the latest information here.

The key release dates for Teacher Assessed Grades are:

  • 18 August 2022 – Level 3 Qualifications (A Levels and Vocational Qualifications e.g. BTEC)
  • 25 August 2022 – Level 2 Qualifications (GCSE and Vocational Qualifications e.g. BTEC)

If you attended the Sixth Form centre at Angel, join us at a celebratory morning on the 18th August from 9am to collect your results, all other students will receive an email with their results at 8am. Sixth Form students will receive an email with their results at 11am.

You can log onto the exams section of our Applicant Portal using your college details to access your A Level, BTEC and GCSE results. If you have forgotten your login details, there are instructions on the portal. 

Post-Results Services – Summer 2022

A guide to the appeals processes can be found here. Once you receive your Teacher Assessed Grades, you can challenge your grade based on the following reasons:

  • the college did not follow its policy when it decided your grade
  • the college made an administrative error in relation to the result

You will be required to complete the appeals form, which can be downloaded here, and email it with a copy of your results to results.appeal2021@capitalccg.ac.uk

If your appeal is upheld, we shall appeal to the exam board on your behalf and share the next steps to support your appeal for a grade change. 

If you request a centre review or an awarding organisation appeal, there are three possible outcomes:

  • Your original grade is lowered, so your final grade will be lower than the original grade you received
  • Your original grade is confirmed, so there is no change to your grade
  • Your original grade is raised, so your final grade will be higher than the original grade you received

Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If your grade has been lowered you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you received on results day.

Key Deadlines for Appeals

  1. Priority* Appeals must be made before 16 August 2021
  2. Non-priority appeals must be made before 3 September 2021
    *A priority appeal is only for students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice (ie the offer they accepted as their first choice) and wish to appeal an A Level or other Level 3 qualification result.

If you have any questions about your results, which do not involve an appeal, please contact your course tutor in the first instance. Staff will be available on 10 August and 12 August to answer any questions. You can email the exams team if you have not received your results, or need further clarification about the results, at postresults@capitalccg.ac.uk


GCSE certificates will be available from the end of October. Other certificates will be received on an ad-hoc basis from the awarding bodies. We will send out your certificates to the postal address we have on our systems as and when we receive them. If you have any queries regarding the certificates, please contact the Exams Office at postresults@capitalccg.ac.uk.

We wish you all a relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you in September. If you are not returning, congratulations on completing your course in these challenging times – we wish you the best of luck in the future.

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