Financial support for 16-18 year olds

16-18 year old student at City and Islington College

If you’re aged between 16 and 18 and you are a British citizen, your tuition is free.

You might need to pay a small fee towards any materials you use on your course, but the course itself won’t cost you a thing.

As a student, you may also be able to access a range of financial benefits and discounts to help you while you're at College. 

16+ Oyster Card

If students live in a London Borough they must be 16, 17 or 18 years old on 31st August 2015 and studying on an FE programme to qualify for free travel on TFL bus routes.

Students living outside of a London Borough must be 16 or 17 on 31st August 2015 and studying on an FE programme to qualify for half price travel on TFL bus routes only.

Free schools meals

As part of a national scheme, disadvantaged College students are eligible to receive free meals, if you or your parent/carer receive of one of the following:

  • Child Tax Credits (gross income less than £16,190)
  • Income Support or Universal Credit
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Pensions Credit (Guaranteed Element)

NUS Extra Card

What you get: A wide range of discounts in shops and leisure centres, including Oasis, ASOS, Amazon, Odeon cinemas, Ticketmaster and Pizza Express. Using your student card could save you hundreds of pounds! Buy it for £12 from the Student Union. For more information visit:


Bursaries are for College related costs like travel and course books, materials, trips and visits.

Bursaries do not need to be repaid as long as you remain enrolled on a course at the College and maintain an average attendance rate of at least 90%. The bursaries on offer are:

Mandatory Bursary  

Up to £1,200 for students who:

  • are in, or have recently left, local authority care
  • receive Income Support (IS) or Universal Credit  in their own name
  • are disabled and receive both Employment Support Allowance (ESA and either Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in their name

Discretionary Bursary

 Up to £540 for students who  aren’t eligible for a Mandatory bursary if:

  • they are homeless and receive Local Authority Subsistence
  • they receive a means-tested benefit such as JSA, DLA  or free school meals in Year 11
  • they have a parent, guardian or carer who receives a means-tested benefit (IS, JSA, Universal Credit, ESA, Incapacity Benefit (IB), Tax Credits 2014/15, The Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit).

You'll need to fill out a Bursary Application form the college decides which bursary you are eligible for and pays you directly.  Phone our student finance service for more help on 020 7704 5539.

For more information about bursaries go to the GOV.UK page on bursaries

Council bursaries

Many London boroughs offer financial support to young people who stay in education and training. The following council bursaries may also be available to you.

Contact your local borough council for more information about financial support available to young people in education.

Care to Learn

The Care to Learn scheme can help with childcare costs while you study. What you get: You may receive up to £175 a week (deposits paid and holiday retainers).

You need to be a parent aged under 20.You can claim this benefit as long as the other parent is not available to provide childcare (e.g. if they are working) and they are not claiming Childcare Tax Credit.  More information about Childcare Tax Credit at GOV.UK.

College Nurseries

What you get: If you are a young parent the College has two nurseries which provide places for students’ children aged 2-5 years. The nurseries are based at the Centre for Business, Arts and Technology on Camden Road (N7) and the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Want to know more?  View the GOV.UK page on  financial support for 16-19 year olds.