What our students say

Our student survey results are outstanding! Take a look at how students rated us in our most recent student satisfaction survey:

  • 94% of students were satisfied with the College
  • 97% of students said they feel safe at the College
  • 92% of students said they would recommend the course to a friend
  • 95% of students said they would recommend the College to a friend
  • 94% of students said the teaching and learning on their course was good
  • 93% of students said they knew what they were doing well and what they needed to do to improve
  • 95% of students said that staff treat them with respect
  • 91% My lessons are enjoyable and interesting
  • 94% of students said that the assessment of their work is fair and that their reading and writing skills are improving

Want to find more statistics? Follow this link to watch our Key Candi Facts video.