Search and Governance Committee

The role of the Search and Governance Committee is:

1. Membership

The Committee shall consist of the Chair of the Board, Vice Chair and all Committee Chairs of the Group. The Chief Executive will be in attendance and will be invited to the majority of meetings, however the Committee reserve the right to hold meetings without him or her present, if members agree that this is appropriate.

The Chair of the Board will chair the committee.

The Director of Governance shall be in attendance and be responsible for:

  • advising the Committee on matters in relation to the Instruments and Articles of Government and other associated regulations;
  • taking or overseeing the taking of minutes of the meetings.

2. Meetings

The committee shall meet termly or as required.

The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be 40%.

3. Access to Meetings

The public shall not be admitted to the meetings.

4. The Role of the Committee

The role of the Committee is to:

  • act as the Search and Governance Committee
  • act as an advisory group to the Chair and the Chief Executive
  • oversee governance arrangements for the WKCIC to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

In carrying out the role of the Search and Governance Committee the role of the group is as follows:-

  1. To consider and make recommendations to the Board on matters of governance;
  2. To consider and advise the Board on the composition and balance of the Board;
  3. To be responsible for nominating and determining the process for selecting candidates to be recommended for appointment to the Board and Committees;
  4. To monitor and advise the Board on its operational effectiveness;
  5. To oversee and recommend any changes to the Board policies and procedures for:
    1. The induction of Board members;
    2. The appraisal of Board members;
    3. The training of Board members
  6. To oversee the procedures and processes in place in relation to the performance (and if necessary the removal) of senior postholders including the CEO.

The Committee is also responsible for considering strategic issues facing The WKCIC Group and advising the Chair of the Board and the Chief Executive on issues as they arise. The Committee will consider external/political issues within the FE sector and consider how these affect decisions made by The WKCIC Group.

5. Financial limitations

The committee has no delegated financial powers.


S&G minutes 18th April 2016 [PDF]

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