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How to Apply?

You can apply for courses at City and Islington College in 3 easy steps!

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Step 1: Find the right course for you

To find a course go to our Courses page to search and select the course you are interested in.

Please note: If are studying/have completed AS levels at another college and wish to apply to study the second year (A2s) at City and Islington College, you will need to complete and return an application form to us.

To apply for all other courses, click the ‘Apply’ button at the top of the course page you would like to apply for, and the course will be added to your ‘basket’.

You can apply for up to two full-time courses (Please note: six A Level subjects are equivalent to one full-time course).

There are some courses for which the method of applying is different. In these cases there will not be an ‘Apply’ button on the course page, however details about how to get on the course can be found in the ‘How do I get on the course’.

Repeat the steps above to add more courses.

Once you have selected all of your course choices, Click ‘Go to basket’

Step 2: Register and apply

You will be taken to a summary page of the courses you have chosen. From here you can remove and add course choices.

Click ‘register’ and you will be prompted to provide an email address and to create a password.

The email address you provide will be used as your ‘username’. This should be an email address that you regularly use as we will send any future emails to the address you provided.

You will be asked to fill in your details for the following areas:

  • Personal Details
  • Course Options
  • Education
  • Interests, Career Plans and Previous Experience
  • Further Details
  • Reference

Step 3: Submit your application

You will be shown a summary of your application, this is your opportunity to check that the information given is correct, and make any changes where it is not.

Click 'submit', and your application will be sent straight to us!

Once we have received your form we will be in touch regarding what happens next.

To start applying go to Courses page.

Need Help?

If you need more help with your application, have a look at the Key Steps to Applying Online [PDF] or contact us on 020 7700 9200 or

Applicant Log in

If you have started your online application and selected 'Save and Log Off' you can continue your application by logging back in.

If you have already finished your application, you can view your application progress online.

Admissions information for applicants

Admissions Information for Applicants


School Leavers Application Form 2015-16