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Student profile


    Amina Lunat


    A Levels - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature

    “There is a lot of support available and the subjects are taught in a context led approach. The workshops are helpful to your studies and you can take classes outside your normal timetable to help support your studies. As part of the field trip to Nettlecombe, we did work which was based on the course. The staff are really happy to help you. There are lots of opportunities for extracurricular activities for you to get involved in.”

    Amina is starting a degree at UCL in Arts and Science.


    Karishma Dhera


    A Levels - Biology, Chemistry and Physics

    “City and Islington College was a fresh start for me. The teachers on my courses were very friendly and always ready to help. Our A2 biology field trip and Chemistry visit to the National Art Gallery were particularly days I will remember. Lab sessions where teamwork came in were also enjoyable. I am now going to study on a 5 year BMBs at Nottingham University and continue on to become a doctor.”


    Salman Mian


    A Levels - Computing, Further Maths, Physics

    “I came along to an Open Day which was really good and amazed me! The College’s location and my brother also coming here helped me choose to study at the College. I particularly liked Maths where we were able to work in small groups. I have made a massive number of friends at Candi and I would definitely recommend it to others. The teachers are amazing and the atmosphere is very friendly.”


    Gilman ahmed


    A Levels - Maths, Chemistry and Economics

    “I was very nervous before receiving my exam results, especially in Chemistry, but when I received them I was speechless, I couldn’t believe what I had achieved! Chemistry was one of my most memorable lessons because of the practical work we carried out on a regular basis. I really liked how the things we were taught in class related to real life. I am attending Queen Mary University to study Economics, a subject I enjoy and love! I hope to go into Investment Banking after completing my degree.”


    Nick bor


    A-Levels - English Language and Literature, Media, Graphics

    “I was confident that I would achieve the grades I needed for university, but I did not expect to get the grades that I did! I was extremely happy! I liked the fact that all of my subjects allowed me to be creative in different ways, whilst still allowing me to explore areas felt passionate in – whether it was literature, writing or media. I will be going to University of Surrey, where I will be studying English Literature with Creative Writing. Ultimately, I want to become a published writer.”


    Freddie Bettles-Lake


    A levels - History, English, Politics

    “I enjoyed coursework, particularly in History and English, having the opportunity to craft pieces I felt proud of. The teachers made complicated areas of learning more accessible. They involved the whole class. There was a lot of support and care given that always made me feel like I was in safe hands. The college has a diverse culture and it was great to study besides a diverse and welcoming group of students.”


    Kamsh Chan


    A Levels - Maths, Physics, Further Maths

    “The teachers helped make my course immersive and thoroughly enjoyable. There have been many moments I will never forget but one that stands out would be putting together bubble chambers in Physics lessons.”

    Having achieved A*A*A*A, Kamsh will be going to University of Bath to study Mechanical Engineering.


    ‌Li-Li Nectar Bennet


    A Level - English Language and Literature, History, Philosophy

    “Whenever I asked for help and expressed that I was struggling, I was overwhelmed by how supportive my teachers were. I am planning to attend Lancaster University in September, to study my favourite subject – English Language and Literature.”


    Diana Evans –Baker


    Levels - Photography, Film Studies, English Literature

    “I live quite far away, but the commute was definitely worth it as I have really enjoyed my time here. I was able to come to the College and make a fresh start and really focus on education properly. I also met lots of really helpful teachers and lovely students and friends. The subject choices were exactly what I wanted to pursue later in life as a career and I felt they really set me up nicely to carry on within the field of education studying similar subjects. There was freedom in the Photography A level and Films Studies that was interesting and really enjoyable.”


    Sylvia Pao Sie Lim


    A Levels - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology

    “Having done all the Sciences, the best part of the course was being able to overcome all of the challenges faced with learning some of the most difficult subjects around. It was very satisfying. I would definitely recommend the course to others. The support that you receive is immense. You get help both during your studies and get even more help with planning for the time after. Best of all you meet people from so many different cultures and backgrounds.”



  • Adjei Tetteh

    Adjei Tetteh
    Public Service Management FdA

    I am a civil servant who works in administration/policy, and I found that my course was absolutely tailor-made to suit my career. At the end of my course, I feel that I will be able to move up the promotion ladder. I would definitely recommend the College to other people. Adjei was a civil servant who studied the Foundation Degree in Public Service Management.

  • Alana Lewis


    Alana Lewis

    A-level Maths, German, History, English Literature

    Alana is an exceptional student who is predicted to gain a grade A in all her subjects. She is a highly committed and motivated student who has already been given conditional offers to study Law at both Oxford and Sussex universities. Alana also gives up her own time to help out on College Open Days to pass on her own personal experiences to prospective students and also volunteers at her local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

  • Aleema Begum

    Aleema Begum
    A Levels

    Aleema is attending the Sixth Form College where she is currently taking A Levels in Politics, Sociology, English language and Literature. She says: “Before I came to City and Islington College, I was at Morpeth Secondary School in Tower Hamlets.

    “I am taking these subjects because I enjoy them and wish to go onto university to either study law or teaching.”

  • Andre Bernal

    Andre Bernal

    “I am currently doing GCSE’s in Maths Higher and Spanish, both in the Sixth Form College and the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Previously, I attended schools at home and in Spain. I really enjoy my courses and have been with the College for about three years. I also work for the College as a Finance Officer in the Student Union and am looking to pursue Teaching as a future career.”


    Ashleigh Rogers
    CACHE Level 3: Award, Certificate and Diploma in Child Care and Education

    Ashleigh has an air of professionalism which is evident to all who meet her. Her placement practice is excellent and she is readily able to show links of theory into practice. Ashleigh has recently been accepted at University to read Early Childhood Studies and plans to pursue a career as a primary school teacher or work in education management.

  • Bana Mhaldien

    Bana Mhaldien
    A Levels

    I am taking A Levels in Sociology, English Literature and Politics. I chose these subjects to help me pursue my future and help me get into university where I wish to study a Law degree.

    Before I came to City and Islington, I attended Skinners’ Company School for Girls. College has helped me in so many ways, mostly in developing my grammar skills.

  • Beata Zalewska

    Beata Zalewska

    Beata is currently doing an apprenticeship at Islington Council's Parking and Business Service in conjunction with City and Islington College.

    In her role she deals with enquiries, Freedom of Information requests and general admin, while supporting a very busy team.

    She said:

    “I think this scheme is brilliant and I have always wanted to work in an organisation that helps people because it is in my nature to be humanitarian.”

  • Benjamin Elusanmi

    Benjamin Elusanmi
    ICT Practitioners City and Guilds Diploma Level 2

    Benjamin previously attended Middlesex University. However, after recently been made employed, his new role requires him to take an IT skills course. Benjamin said: “I am currently taking the ICT Practitioners City and Guilds Diploma Level 2 at the Centre for Business, Arts and Technology. The College is well equipped for studying, with superb facilities and helpful teachers.”

  • Charlie Lemmon / SL 

    Charlie Lemmon
    BTEC National Diploma in Business Level 2

    “City and Islington College provides good facilities and the teachers are always very helpful. I came here to do a BTEC National Diploma in Business Level 2.

    “I decided to take this course because I studied business previously at Highgate Wood School.

    “After College I want to go to university to study Business Management. One day I wish to own a small business.”


    David Nagler
    BTEC National Diploma Sport and Exercise Science

    David is an outstanding student who strives for the maximum marks in all of his lessons. He is an exemplary student helping out many of his classmates on a daily basis and is also the class representative. David is a county level squash player and is generous with his expertise in this sport, offering free coaching sessions as well as offering to organise competitions. In the words of his tutor, David is a perfect student.

  • Dupelola Ajala-Gravill 

    Dupelola Ajala-Gravill
    A Level Italian

    “I enjoy the college and the facilities it provides”, says Lola, who is currently taking A Level Italian at the Sixth Form College in Angel. “After college, I want to stay local and go to the London Metropolitan University. In future, I would like to become a World-wide Sustainability Consultant.”

  • Ed Nieburg

    Ed Nieburg
    Public Service Management FdA

    "The only course which covered the module areas I wanted to study. Great teaching, fantastic facilities."

  • Elzbieta Franklyn

    Elzbieta Franklyn
    Photography FdA

    "I really enjoy the course and appreciate the flexibility of being able to fit my studies in with other life commitments."

  • Emmanuel_Ebele_Nwaobod  

    Emmanuel Ebele Nwaobod

    BTEC National Diploma

    “I am currently doing a BTEC National Diploma in Business Level 2. I picked this course because I have always been interested in Business and one day I want to run my own business.

    “After college, my aim to go to De Montford University in Leicester to study Business Management.

    “I think City and Islington College is really good, the teaching and IT facilities are excellent and I really enjoy it here.”

  • Ergun Bereketoglu 

    Ergun Bereketoglu

    BTEC National Diploma

    “I am currently taking a BTEC National Diploma in Business Level 3. I decided to take this course because Business is an interesting subject that you can relate to in everyday life. It is also enjoyable to study and presents a wide range of opportunities.

    “After finishing this course I am going to go to university to study International Business. Currently I have had offers from four different universities, including Nottingham Trent and the University of Brighton. Eventually I want to set up my own export and import business.

    “City and Islington College is a sociable place to study and the facilities are fantastic.”

  • Esmat Nishat

     Esmat Nishat

    Esmat came to the City and Islington College after arriving in the UK from war torn Afghanistan. He is in his second year of the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park. Esmat says: “I couldn’t speak a word of English before I came to England but now I am fluent. Everyone at the College has been really supportive and friendly and this has helped me learn English and settle in.

    I would like to go to university to study Engineering in the future.”


  • Eugene Kelly

    Eugene Kelly

    “City and Islington is a great College. The teachers not only know their subjects thoroughly, they also go above and beyond the call of duty in helping students with assignments. At the moment I am taking a BTEC National Diploma in Forensic Science. I love doing this course and I’m really good at it.

    “When I leave College, I want to go onto University to study a degree in Forensics. I then want to work for the Forensic Science Service before transferring to the United States.”


  • Fatima Abdi

    Fatima Abdi
    English as a Second Language (ESOL)

    Fatima was a refugee from Somalia and is the mother of seven children. She has recently passed the speaking and listening exams as part of her English as a Second Language Course (ESOL). Fatima attends a monthly reading session and helps other students in the class. She is a punctual student and her determination and thirst for learning and progress is admired by all.

  • Fatima Camara Baro / SL 

    Fatima Camara Baro

    BTEC National Diploma

    “I am doing a BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care. I picked this course because I am very sociable and love helping people and making new friends. Before attending City and Islington College, I attended Clapton Girls Technology College and The College of North East London. I might go onto University after my time here but I haven’t decided yet.”

  • Gerge Eleftheriou

    Gerge Eleftheriou
    Opthalmic Dispensing FdSc

    "The course offers the perfect balance of learning methods, and I really enjoy the practicals."

  • Ira Bytyci

    Ira Bytyci

    “Before I came to the College, I attended Enfield County School. I chose City and Islington College because it has a great reputation and high pass rates. I currently study A Levels in English Literature, History and Media, of which Media is my favourite subject. After I have finished my A Levels I would like to go to university and study Radio Production.”

  • Ismail Bensaid

    Ismail Bensaid
    BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care

    “I came to the City and Islington College to do a BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care. I wanted to do this course because I would like to become either a social worker or a physiotherapist. I am a very confident and sociable person who likes to help others. I think City and Islington College is a great place to study with fantastic facilities and great staff.”


  • Jahida_Ahmed-Miah

    Jahida Ahmed-Miah

    “I am currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Business, Admin and Finance. I decided to take this course because I enjoy Business and studied Business Studies at GCSE level. A Business Diploma also opens up a wide range of career paths for me.

    After College, I would like to take a degree in either Business Management or Accounting at University. At the moment though, I am enjoying my time at City and Islington.”


  • Jarrelle Lambert

    Jarrelle Lambert
    Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy FdSc

    "The course offers a great starting point to becoming a personal trainer. It's one of a kind."

  • Jay Barret

    Jay Barrett
    Business Access to HE

    Jay joined the City and Islington College after attending Crofton School in Lewisham. He is currently taking a Business Access Course at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park. Jay says: “I am enjoying my time at the City and Islington College. The teachers and staff are really friendly and the College is very sociable. When I leave here I want to go to University where I might choose to study Science.”

  • Jennifer Ross

    Jennifer Ross
    Education Primary Pathway FdA

    "I really enjoy the course, the flexibility of the work placement and the great central London location."

  • Jessica Cofie

    Jessica Cofie

    “I am currently studying Sociology, English, Politics and History. Before attending City and Islington College, I was at the Greig City Academy in Haringey. I enjoy everything about the courses I'm currently studying, especially Sociology and Politics. After my time at the College, I aim to either study International Law, or English with a conversion course of History, at University College London.”

  • Jimmy Sanni

    Jimmy Sanni
    Dance FdA

    "I love the fact that the course offers a mixture of styles. The teachers are really supportive."

  • Jonathan Powers

    Jonathan Powers

    Jonathan is currently on an apprenticeship with Enfield Borough Council. He said: “Whilst I have been on the apprenticeship scheme I have worked on a number of events including community events, the Autumn Show, carnivals, and music festivals.

    “If any of my friends asked me whether they should think about becoming an apprentice I would tell them to go for it. It has helped me to fill up my CV and I know lots of my fellow apprentices who are going for jobs are getting interviews every week. It is a year of your life but it is definitely a year well spent.”


  • Josh Butler

    Josh Butler
    Fashion and Textiles FdA

    "I really enjoy the creative freedom that the course offers."

  • Kane Smith


    Kane Smith

    International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

    Kane’s enthusiasm, inquisitive and positive nature has a galvanising effect on other students. He is always keen to support others, both staff and students, and has a record of 100% punctual attendance for all his subjects. For the creativity, action and service elements of his course, Kane now teaches Dance at his previous secondary school, taking significant responsibility and further demonstrating his mature attitude.

  • Kawaljeet Kaur / SL 

    Kawalijeet Kaur

    BTEC National Dipolma

    Kawaljeet is taking a BTEC National Diploma in Business Level 2 after coming to City and Islington College from Stoke Newington School. She said: “I am taking this course because I want to know more about Business. So far I have enjoyed it and learned a lot.

    “I want to go to university after college to study business. In the future I would like to work in accountancy or finance.

    “I have enjoyed my time at City and Islington College and have made lots of friends.”


  • Khaleda Begum

    Khaleda Begum

    Khaleda is currently taking A Levels at the Sixth Form Centre in Psychology and Media Studies. She says: “I picked these subjects because they have always interested me, particularly Psychology. Before College I attended Skinners’ Company School in Hackney.

     “After College I want to continue studying Psychology at University, possibly Kingston.”


  • Malcolm Harribo Koroma

    Malcolm Harribo Koroma

    I am currently studying a BTEC National Diploma in Business which is a two year course. Before coming to City and Islington College to study, I was studying a BTEC National Diploma in Dance and before that I attended Islington Arts and Media School.

    I enjoy my course because it is something I have always wanted to study but never had the opportunity to. It is challenging to learn which pushes me to work harder. After college I would like to open my own dance academy and start a business from there.

  • Maxine Schamely

    Maxine Schamely

    Maxine enrolled on basic literacy, numeracy and bookkeeping courses at City and Islington College, seeking a career in accountancy. On enrolling, Maxine was assessed as dyslexic but she has progressed through several exams and is currently studying higher tier GCSE maths and English.

    Her dedication and commitment to learning was recognised with a Regional Individual Award as part of Adult Learners' Week in May 2010.

  • Michael Lemery


    Mirsad Gjurgji

    BTEC National Diploma in Business

    Mirsad came to the UK at the age of eight from Kosovo with no knowledge of English. He joined the College in 2007 and has progressed from a Level 1 qualification to a high achieving Level 3 in four years and now plans to go to on to study Business Management at Middlesex University.

  • Mohamad Yemmi

    Mohamad Yemmi

    Mohamad is currently doing a two year apprenticeship in conjunction with City and Islington College and Islington Council’s Parking and Business Service.

    In his role he is responsible for handling general enquiries, supporting other departments and general admin.

    Mohamad said: “It’s been a great experience and I am really enjoying my time at Islington Council.

    “I think apprenticeships are useful because they allow the perfect combination of theory and practical work.”

  • Najma Abdullahi

    Najma Abdullahi

    Najma came to the City and Islington College after attending Holloway School. She is currently taking A Levels in Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology. Najma says: “I love all of my subjects and they are very interesting. I also love the College and have made lots of good friends here.

    “After College I want to go to City University to study midwifery.”


  • Nazma Rahman

    Nazma Rahman
    BTEC National Diploma in Medical Sciences

    Nazma is currently doing a BTEC National Diploma in Medical Sciences. She is a dedicated Student Council member and Centre Representative. She was also recently nominated for the adult Jack Petchey Award for the category of 'Most caring and supportive student'. She is a leader who does not hesitate to argue her case for the best interests of the student community.

  • Nurma Khanum

    Nurma Khanum

    “Before attending City and Islington College I was at the Central Foundation Girls’ School. I am taking A Levels in Sociology, Psychology and English Literature and Language. I decided to choose these subjects so I could understand the way society thinks and works.

    “After College I plan to go into the business sector. I want to work my way up developing my own business.”

  • Omar Allouji

    Omar Allouji
    Engineering Foundation

    "It's great that the College is partnered with City University London. The course is fantastic, and the lecturers and tutors are very supportive."

  • Pasar Aziz

    Pasar Aziz

    Pasar is studying a BTEC National Diploma in Medical Sciences. Previously she attended Hackney Free and Parochial Secondary School. Pasar says: “I picked this course because I would like a future career in the medical industry. I plan to achieve this by going to university after College to study Pharmacy.”



    Rashpal Singh Sidhu

    Opthalmic Dispensing Theory

    Rashpal is currently studying Opthalmic Dispensing Theory. In class Rashpal has a selfless attitude helping others understand concepts and techniques. Rashpal is fiercely independent and motivated to succeed. His future aims are to complete the Contact lens certificate and work at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

  • Rukshana Akther

    Rukshana Akther

    Rukshana is currently doing a two year apprenticeship with City and Islington College in partnership with Islington Council.

    Her role involves supporting the Systems and Data team with general admin duties and IT; including the management of the Islington 14-19 Partnership website.

    She said: “I wanted to do this apprenticeship because I have always had an interest in IT and I have found the role to be enjoyable and useful.”

  • Ryan Hassan

    Ryan Hassan

    “Before I came to the College, I was at the City of London Academy in Islington. I am currently enrolled on the BTEC National ICT Level 3. I enjoy this course as I find it challenging and educational. ICT is my main interest and this is the main reason I chose this course. After college I am interested in going to university to study software programming. I believe my college course will help me achieve my goals.”


  • Sadia Begum

    Sadia Begum

    Sadia attended Clapton Girls’ Technology College before joining City and Islington College, where she is currently taking A Levels in Politics, Sociology and Religious Studies. Sadia says: “I chose these subjects because I want to study Law at Queen Mary. I am very happy at the College and I think it is a great environment to learn.”


    Scot Fyfe

    BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance)

    Scot is currently taking a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance). He has proved himself to be a dedicated and motivated student. He has experience of a range of dance techniques and through his dedication he achieves an excellent technical standard. Scot has participated in a wide variety of projects and performances such as ‘Big Dance’ and is a member of the Rouge dance group.

  • Sergiu Ciprian

    Sergiu Ciprian

    “I am studying ESOL Level 2 at the Centre for Business, Arts and Technology. I came to this country 3 years ago and when I arrived my English was not so good. However, the course I undertook has improved my English, both verbal and written. I did this with support from my tutors and class mates who all helped to build and improve my everyday English. I think that the fun atmosphere has made our learning easy and enjoyable. After College I plan to attend the University of Westminster to do Computer System Engineering.”

  • Shadia Khalfan

    Shadia Khalfan
    Business Access to HE

    “I joined the City and Islington College from Westminster Kingsway College. I am enrolled on a Business Access Course as I want to go onto university to do a degree in computer science. I really enjoy it here because it’s a great place to make news friends and learn. The teachers and staff are also very helpful and the facilities are superb. This is one of the best colleges in London.”


    Shanice Stennett

    Shanice is currently doing an advanced apprenticeship in Community Arts Management. She is one of the most efficient apprentices that her tutors have ever come across as she had clear and focussed goals from the start of her course and never wavered from them. Shanice was a real asset to STEP Peckham theatre, as positions of responsibility were given to her early into her apprenticeship because of her mature and focused approach.

  • Sidem Ozturk

    Sidem Ozturk
    Business Access to HE

    Sidem joined the City and Islington College after a two year break from education. She had previously been at Alexandra Park Sixth Form in Haringey.

    She says: “I joined City and Islington because I heard its one of the best colleges in London. I am so glad I got a place and I have another opportunity to further my education.

    I am taking a Business Access Course at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park”

  • Simon Den Le 

    Simon Den Le

    Maths and Literacy

    Simon is a Class representative from the Centre for Lifelong Learning. He is always very friendly to his fellow students and staff alike and attends all Student Union council meetings without fail. Simon regularly volunteers at events and campaigns including the Welcome Week, Student Savings Week and for the NUS Card sales promotion. Simon goes well beyond the call of duty on a regular basis and is an exceptionally valued member of the Student Union.


  • Sophie Loverday / SL 

    Sophie Loverday

    Foundation Award in Caring for Children

    “I am taking the Foundation Award in Caring for Children. I am doing this course because I love looking after children and I’ve always wanted to look after them as part of my job. When I leave College I want to go into Childcare. Before coming to City and Islington I attended Islington Arts and Media School.

    “I think that this College has really friendly staff and this makes it a fun and easy place to learn.”

  • Sunny Mildren

    Sunny Mildren
    Early Years FdA

    "I like the theoretical aspects to the course and the locality of City and Islington College."

  • Tahmina Khan

    Tahmina Khan

    “Before coming to the College, I attended the Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College. I am taking A Levels in Sociology, Psychology and Media Studies. I decided to pick these subjects to study in order to help me pursue my future and gain further success at university.

    “The teachers at the College have really helped me to focus on my studies and take a positive outlook. In the near future, I want to go to university to take a BA Honours in Socio-Criminology”.


    Tamika Kalule

    AS English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Politics

    Tamika is currently taking A Levels in AS English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Politics. Her writing is of such a high analytical standard that it is often used in classes as an example to others. She is active inside the College writing articles for student publications and outside of the College; visiting the House of Commons during the debate on Education Maintenance Allowance and commenting on the BBC. Through her own efforts she has obtained a ticket to attend Question Time and has organised summer work with her local MP in Newham. She hopes to apply to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Oxbridge.

  • Thamina Hassani

    Thamina Hassani

    “I joined City and Islington College after attending Holloway Secondary School. I am currently studying a BTEC Entry Level 3 in Arts & Media. I decided to take this course because I am very creative and wish to go into one of the creative industries in the future. Next year, I want to study two of the following; Performing Arts, Art & Design, Fashion Design or Business in Retail.”

  • Timothy Arthur Darkwa

    Timothy Arthur-Darkwa
    Business Access to HE

    Timothy is currently taking a Business Access Course at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Finsbury Park. He says: “I joined the City and Islington College because I want to further my education and go to university to study Business Management and an Entrepreneurship. The quality of education at the College is fantastic and the IT facilities are really impressive. I’ve also made lots of new friends.”


  • Tonye Babudoh

    Tonye Babudoh

    “I am currently taking English Literature and Language, Politics and Sociology. My favourite course out of all of my subjects is Sociology, as it is a very interesting subject which is easy to relate to. I also find that not only does it educate you; it also teaches you social skills. Previously I attended Addey and Stanhope School in New Cross. After college I plan to go on to University and study either English or Sociology.”


  • Tracey Kasongo

    Tracey Kasongo

    Tracey is an A Level student taking Sociology and Politics. Before attending City and Islington College she was at the Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College.

    Tracey says: “I chose to study Politics and Sociology because they will interlink with my future studies as I plan to go to the University of Birmingham to study Law with American Studies.”


  • Vanessa Vanriel

    Venessa Vanriel

    Having recently been made redundant, Venessa took the brave step of embarking on a career change. She has enrolled on the Pre Access course at City and Islington College and aims to complete a degree in Human Resources and Business Management. Her attendance, punctuality, commitment and effort at College have been exemplary.


  • EvaEva Crossan Jory - International Baccalaureate

    “The IB gives you a good understanding of all things. I was able to carry on studying Maths and Science, subjects I would not have done if I studied A levels. The class feels like a small community and you make really close friends as you share all your classes. The Art lessons were really enjoyable as you learnt about different types of Art as well as the history of Art. The IB is hard work but worth it.”


    DanielDaniel Garcia - BTEC in Business Studies

    “The course at City and Islington really suited me because I never used to like exams and was better at course work, and I knew that the course was the equivalent to A Levels and that you can get into University with it. The course also let me learn a wide range of subjects so you get to experience lots of different areas of business. The mindset of the course gives you real-life experience because it is very realistic and very practical.”

    Daniel is now studying Business Entrepreneurship at Northampton University.


    HilalHilal Sak - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science

    “As I am a practical learner I wanted to do a vocational course. The course has many experiments in it and independent project presentations which are very practical. We study different topics including genetics, which is one of my favourite topics, and environmental science. The teachers are really helpful, as they help you achieve really good results and also make you understand the science behind everything. All the class notes and materials are provided electronically, enabling us to access them all the time. After the course I want to train to become an Operating Department Practitioner.”


    KameranKameran Sammy - Extended Diploma in Animal Management

    “I came to the Open Day and the teachers were helpful and enthusiastic. I decided to come to the College as it seemed to have a good environment with lots of friendly people. There are lots of practical sessions involved including being taught how to handle the animal properly and with care, and identifying problems by touching and feeling. The classes are very interactive. This experience will be helpful to me, as I want to go into Veterinary Nursing following the course.”


    YoungYoung Chan Park - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Medical Sciences)

    “My favourite subject at school was Science, Biology and Chemistry. I saw the course in the school leavers’ guide and it was exactly what I was interested in as I was interested in human physiology and Biology. I came to the Open Day and spoke to some tutors on the course. I previously went to a boarding school and my parents were living abroad. The College gave me the support I needed and provided information to direct me to where I needed to go to get appropriate advice which was useful given to my unique circumstances.”


    PatrickPatrick Veiga - BTEC Extended Diploma in Business

    “I chose to study on a BTEC course as I was stronger at school in my coursework. I really enjoyed Business at school and have continued to enjoy the subject and the way it is taught at College. I really enjoyed the research unit as there was a lot of independent work involved but support from the tutor was available when needed. I also got chance to take part in the interview day as part of my course work for Business Management unit. I learnt about what goes into working at an event. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to stay on and help after the mandatory days were over.”


    LukeLuke Karavias - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production

    “I started with the Level 2 course and then progressed to the Level 3. The Diploma taught me the basics of the industry and was practical. In the Extended Diploma, the work got more technical and much more demanding, but the Level 2 helped to prepare me for this. The course allows you to work independently and be very creative in the work that you do. You work on projects allowing you to plan and direct. You really get absorbed and you can put yourself into the work. The facilities and the programmes you use such as Flash and Photoshop, are industry standard equipment. The skills I have learned and developed on this course will be very useful in the future.”


    ShalisaShalisa Allman - BTEC Level 2 Diploma for ICT Practitioners

    “At school I wanted to do Dance but I injured my knee, and was unable to continue with Dance at College. I had a passion for Maths and decided to do an ICT course at the College. The teachers really supported me with my units which are based on my individual needs. Here at the College there is a two way communication between the teachers and staff as they really listen to you and treat you like an adult. I got additional support outside the classroom which helped with my dyslexia. I want to go back to Dance eventually but the things I have learnt on the course has provided me with a good foundation for an alternative career path.”


    LeonaraLeonara Shala - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting)

    “I previously studied A Levels but it was not right for me. I changed my course to the Extended Diploma as it had a good reputation. The course is very professional and serious about the subject. Playing a different character and trying to portray someone else can be challenging. The teachers are really specific with directions and go into a lot of details with the movements and the facial expression. I have learnt a lot of about acting from the techniques for television as well as theatre. One of my favourite things about the course is that you are able to take part in exciting shows from contemporary works to Shakespeare. "


    La-KehilaLa-Kehila Thomas Wade - CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education

    “The course is very practical and there are placements every other week. This give me the experience of working with different age ranges from 0 – 16 yrs. You are assigned a supervisor who helps you through the work at the placement with active knowledge. The College has also provided additional learning support for me as I have dyslexia, such as additional time in any exam I needed to take and support with reading when doing assignments.”


    DeryaDerya Balta - Practical Skills Entry Level 3

    “The College is a nice, safe place to study. I like creating things such as my photo frame so the subjects like woodwork and ICT are my favourite. I learnt to cut the wood and join the beam together. I like being with my class and enjoy all my lessons. Next year I will be progressing to ICT Level 1, as I like using computers and the internet, and there is a progression route here at the College. This course has helped me become more independent which will be good for me in the future, as I eventually want to go to university and the college has helped me prepare for this.”


    DavidDavid Kiros - Level 2 Furniture Making

    David is an extremely enthusiastic student willing to go out of his way to help other students. From struggling at the start of the year he has overtaken everyone else with the practical aspects of the course and finished early allowing to him gain extra credit by doing an extension project.

    “As part of the course I made lots of things. The favourite thing that I made was a table and a mirror frame which I was able to take home and give my family as a present. They really liked it as I had made it all by myself from start to finish.”


    PonehPoneh Kazzazi - ESOL

    “I came to the UK one year ago and started the course in September. The teacher is really good at explaining things clearly. He makes me understand and feel at ease, which makes me able to talk more openly. The class feels like my family and I have connected with everyone really well. I want to continue studying at the City and Islington College after completing my ESOL class. There are lots of options for me to continue studying in an environment which is safe and supportive and feels like home.”


    Zainab Ahmed

    AS Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Psychology and Arabic

    Within one year of arriving in the UK from the United Arab Emirates, Zainab had attended the Centre for Lifelong Learning to improve her English and then embarked on a package of GCSE exams at the Sixth Form College. Having passed these exams in one year with flying colours, Zainab is now studying AS levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Psychology and Arabic, and she plans to progress onto Higher Education.