New Name for Westminster Kingsway and City and Islington College Group

13 April 2017 Capital City College Group

In August 2016, Westminster Kingsway and City and Islington Colleges merged to create a dynamic new force at the heart of London’s further education sector. After consulting with our students, staff, business partners and other stakeholders we are excited to announce our new corporate name - Capital City College Group (CCCG).

The Capital City College Group partners will still be known by their existing names and 2017-18 enrolment at City and Islington and Westminster Kingsway Colleges is already underway.  Details of our courses and how to apply can be found at and

By coming together in the Capital City College Group, the college partners have been able to build on their excellent reputations and invest more in the teaching, support and facilities that matter most to our students.

CCCG has responded to the evolution and impact of the creative digital economy in London by extending its curriculum from Foundation to HND level and there are plans to develop a Digital Media Institute. Further, all Londoners’ potential training needs have been considered. The college partners offer specialist provision for alternative Key Stage 4. Students with learning difficulties and disabilities are supported through a collaborative approach with local authorities to optimise access to training and education.

In addition to our colleges, we have launched Capital City College Training (CCCT). This training provision combines the gold standard apprenticeship quality from our colleges with the flexibility and innovation of a private provider.  The launch of Capital City College Training coincides with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy. CCCT will offer practical guidance and support for London businesses as they find new ways of building a skilled workforce in a post-Brexit employment market.

CCCG’s Chief Executive Andy Wilson said, “The creation of the Capital City College Group enriches the excellent reputations of our member colleges.  We have established a solid foundation on which we will build new opportunities for students and business to gain the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in mid-21st century London”.