Korean Bio Meister High School Students to study with Capital City College Group

20 December 2017

City & Islington and Westminster Kingsway College have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to begin working in partnership with the Korea Bio Meister High School (KBM).

Mr Weongu Kim, Vice Principal of the High School made an official visit to the Group and signed the MOU with Capital City College Group’s CEO, Andy Wilson.

The MOU marks the start of an exciting partnership between CCCG and KBM which will see CCCG receive a group of ten students from KBM for a six-week programme from mid-January.

This bespoke programme will include four weeks joining relevant Science BTEC classes at City & Islington’s, Centre for Applied Sciences and two weeks joining General English classes at Westminster Kingsway College’s, Soho Centre.

This will be the first international programme to be jointly delivered across CCCG Colleges, City & Islington and Westminster Kingsway. The programme will also mark the first time CIC’s Science faculty will work with an international partner to deliver a customised programme.

KBM views this programme as a great opportunity for their students to broaden understanding of their subject of study including the practical skills taught in the UK. The Bio Meister High School is also keen for their students to experience the UK education system and business culture. KBM is positive about this new opportunity and will consider continuation of the partnership and training programme in the coming years.

KBM has a total of 300 students enrolling annually. Previously they have sent their students to Singapore and Germany. This will be the first time they have sent students to the UK. The tailored programme has been designed to aid the development of students from KBM contributing to the creation of globally competent skilled individuals through English and biotechnology skills development programme.

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