City and Islington College receives Gold Award for Equality and Diversity

07 September 2016 City and Islington College receives Gold Award for Equality and Diversity

Head of Equality and Diversity Dennis Francis receives Gold Award for City and Islington College from Kate Green MP

City and Islington College is delighted to announce that it has been given a Gold Award for Equality and Diversity by the United Kingdom Investors in Equality and Diversity (UKIED). 

The United Kingdom Investor in Equality and Diversity (UKIED) Charter Mark is the leading fully integrated equality, diversity and safeguarding national organisation charter mark designed to meet the needs of all organisations.

The UKIED charter mark is an established specialist equality, diversity and safeguarding quality assurance organisational development tool that has been developed to support all types of organisations (ranging from large multi-national companies and large public sector organisations, charities and third sector organisations through to SMEs). A Gold Award has only been achieved by 5% of the total number of organisations registered with the UKIED. 

This award reflects the quality and breadth of the evidence given to the assessors on how equality and diversity operates within the College and how the “portfolio of evidence” was clearly supported by the conversations the Assessor had with staff, students and a range of external stakeholders.   

The College’s achievement was formally recognised at the UKIED Award Ceremony in July.

A special “thank you” to all staff and students who met the Assessor and to the  “Team” – Nina Weiss , Sue Attwood, Joanne Smith , Ruth Jon-Baptiste , Julie Search-Whittaker and Chantelle Spencer for their help in providing information for the portfolio , arranging the Assessor’s visit and for their general support for the assessment.

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