CIC Safeguarding Team shortlisted for the TES Professional Services Team of the Year

03 March 2017

The CIC Safeguarding Team is very proud to have been shortlisted for the TES Professional Services Team of the Year. CIC has an outstanding and dedicated team which works collaboratively to keep students safe.

The Team has a focus on Safeguarding, Child Protection, Adults at Risk and the Prevent Duty. There exists a robust network across the five Centres, which includes: The Safeguarding, Child Protection and Adults at Risk Manager, the Head of E&D, Mental Health and Welfare Officers, Student Services, the Centre based Safeguarding Champions and Child Protection Officers and the E-Safety Champion.  The team is supported by the Director of the Centre for Health, Social and Childcare with the Senior Management Team lead for this Cross College service.


The team has demonstrated an outstanding ability to assess and successfully deal with an increasing and complex caseload. Since 2010/11 there has been a significant increase in referrals from 138 to the figures below:-

• From August 2015 to date, a total of 483 cases were referred to the Service. This is an increase of 34% from 14/15.

• 131 of the students referred to the service received support from the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team and external agencies. 

• The College monitored 73 ‘Looked After’ students. The positive impact of monitoring, reviewing and putting in the right support for students is highlighted in the following case study: One ‘Looked After’ student secured a place at Middlesex University to study Social Work and has been awarded a Helena Kennedy Foundation Bursary for the duration of her university academic studies.

The team has strong and effective partnerships with a wide range of external organisations/agencies:-

•Regular liaison with various NHS Trusts, the CAMH’S Unit in Islington, Hackney and Camden, regarding students with mental health issues.

•Extensive liaison with a range of statutory bodies such as local authority’s social work departments including Enfield, Barnet and Newham for the purpose of monitoring students, providing information and attending meetings.

  • The team has an excellent relationship with the Police, which for example resulted in four suspected cases of radicalisation being dealt with in a timely fashion.


At the heart of the College’s response to the implementation of the Prevent Duty, the team played an exceptional role in the planning and effective delivery of a range of initiatives including:-

  • All staff received Prevent Duty training
  • Creation of bespoke Prevent and British Values online modules for staff and students
  • Implementation of  E-Safe which is an on line monitoring system
  • 10 students were trained in Prevent
  • A “Keeping Children and Young People Safe from Extremism and Radicalisation”, booklet for parents / carers was successfully completed.


Student feedback clearly reflects the success of the network which operates within the College to keep students safe. In the students’ satisfaction survey 2016, 93% of students said “they feel safe in the College”. This indicates that the College provides a highly secure and protective environment for students to come and study and achieve their ambition.


From the 1st September 2016 to date the Safeguarding, Child Protection and Adults at Risk Team received 329 student referrals in comparison to the same period 15/16 307 a slight increase of 7%

Many of the students referred have complex needs, with (65) 20% experiencing mental health related issues for example anxiety, depression and personality disorders. All students referred, receive support internally from our Mental Health Officers,  Counselling Team or external therapeutic sessions from CAHMS, Adult Mental Health or specialist teams including student with  suicidal ideologies and those who self- harm.

Currently, 15% (51) of students who are closely monitored under the category Safeguarding, have preventive resources/measures in place or external support to achieve in their course of studies and not meet the threshold of Social Care intervention.

There has been a 119% increase of students identified as Looked After Children studying at CIC compare to 15/16 in the same period of time.  The term Looked After children is commonly use to define children or young people who are looked after by the local authority as they are subjected to ‘Care Order’.  This academic year there were 125 student identified as Looked After.


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