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Types of Higher Education Courses

We work closely with employers and partner universities to offer Foundation Degrees and HNC/HND courses that provide the knowledge, practical skills and experience you need to succeed in your chosen field.

What are Foundation Degrees?

These combine academic study with practical training for specific careers.

Designed and delivered in partnership with employers, they focus on developing the technical skills you need for work and include on-the-job training.

At Level 5, they are equivalent to the first two years of an Honours degree. As well as being qualifications in their own right, they also allow progression to the final year of an Honours degree (on passing the course).

You will be assessed through a variety of measures, including exams and practical work – as well as your on-the-job training.

What are Higher National Certificates / Higher National Diplomas (HNC/HNDs)?

Providing a combination of theory and practice, these are geared towards giving you the practical and technical skills for a particular field of work.

Designed in collaboration with industry, they are highly valued by employers due to their hands-on approach to teaching and learning.

HNCs (Level 4) are equivalent to the first year of an Honours degree and HNDs, the first two years (Level 5). You can convert your HNC or HND to an Honours degree with extra study. These qualifications can also count towards membership of professional bodies, and can provide a stepping stone to professional status.

You will be assessed through assignments and practical tasks.

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