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Higher Education Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Clearing, you can also find more FAQs here

Q. What is UCAS?

A. UCAS is the organisation responsible for managing applications to Higher Education courses in the UK.


Q. What is the latest date that can I apply via UCAS?

A. For your application to be considered as part of the standard admissions cycle, UCAS needs to receive your application by 18:00 on 30 June 2014.


Q. What happens if my application is received by UCAS after 18:00 on 30 June?

A. Your application will be entered into Clearing. More information about Clearing can be found on the UCAS website here:


Q. Can I apply directly to City and Islington College for a Foundation Degree or HNC/D course?

A. For part time Foundation Degree and HNC courses you should apply directly to us using an online or paper application form.

Please go to How to Apply for information about what happens once we have received your application form.

For full time Foundation Degree and HND courses you should apply through UCAS:


Q. Will it cost me anything to apply through UCAS?

A. There is a fee for making an application through UCAS:

- The cost of applying for one choice is £12.
- The cost of applying for more than one choice is £23.

Payment is requested once the application form has been submitted. If you do not pay, UCAS will not forward your application to the relevant colleges/universities.


Q. Can I add courses once I have submitted my application to UCAS?

A. You can add more course choices using UCAS Track later if you wish to. The Welcome Letter that UCAS will send to you once you have completed and submitted your application will explain how to do this.

If you have only paid £12 and choose to add further choices, you will be required to pay a further £11.

The cost for applications made after 30 June 2014 is £23, and these applications will be entered into Clearing. More information about Clearing can be found on the UCAS website here:


Q. What is UCAS extra?

A. UCAS Extra allows you to make a further choice after you have submitted your initial application. In Extra, you apply for one course at a time using Track.

You can only apply through UCAS Extra for additional courses choice if you have applied through UCAS and:
- have used all five choices on your application
- have received decisions for all of the choices you made
- and have not received any offers, or have declined all of your offers

UCAS Extra is open between the 25th February and the 2nd July.


Q. Who should I contact regarding the progress of an existing application to study a Foundation Degree or HND course?

A. Please contact our Higher Education admissions team at

More information about the UCAS application process can be found on the UCAS website here:

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