Child Care Apprenticeship

Child Care Apprenticeship

About the framework

Now is a great time to think about taking on an apprentice. There are more opportunities than ever before for those looking to work with children and young people, and Apprenticeships in this area can train staff for your organisation.

The apprenticeship provides the apprentices with a structured training programme that teaches all aspects of caring for children and young people, working alongside experienced staff to learn the skills you need.

The training aspect of this Apprenticeship covers a range of skills around keeping children safe, plus different methods of play to promote development and learning, and ways to build positive relationships with children. Apprentices will also have the option of learning specialist skills for working with children with special needs.

Assessment is carried out by observation in the workplace and the apprentices will be required to complete a portfolio of evidence.

An apprenticeship can run indefinitely, or at least until the Apprentice is judged by their you to have grasped all the Key Skills of the job at hand. In terms of supervision by the College, they be assessed by written assignments throughout the course of their training.

As part of the advanced level apprenticeship, apprentices learn about  the Early Years foundation frameworks, focusing on 0-5 years old and the current legislation and frameworks whilst developing their own professional practice.

One of the themes will be taught and assessed on how you plan and implement learning activities to support a range of children’s development needs. This will include carrying out children’s observations using various methods in line with current legislation and facilitate the child’s development.

Each apprentice will be assessed individually through practical work that they do in the workplace including

  • Observation
  • Portfolio
  • On-line Test
  • Assignments
  • Oral Questioning

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