Preparation to Access - General Pathway L2


Preparation to Access - General Pathway L2

About the course

This course is for anyone wanting to aim towards a Access to University course but needs the GCSE requirements and Study skills to prepare them for the intense Access coursework requirements.

Access Assessment Days and Times

Centre for Lifelong Learning, 28-42 Blackstock Road N4 2 DG

Wed 29/11/2017               10am-12              3.12b

Wed 06/12/2017               10am-12              3.12b

Thurs 11/01/2018             3:30-5:30              3.03b

Thurs 01/02/2018             3:30-5:30              3.03b

Thurs 22/02/2018             3:30-5:30              3.03b

Thurs 22/03/2018             3:30-5:30              3.03b

Thurs 19/04/2018             3:30-5:30              3.03b

Thurs 03/05/2018             3:30-5:30              3.12b

Thurs 07/06/2018             3:30-5:30              3.03b

Wed 20/06/2018               9:30-12 30            1.08 


Should you have any further questions please contact


  • You'll need English and Maths at Level 1.
  • In addition, all students will be interviewed and assessed.
  • Applicants should be available for a minimum of three hours to complete the interview process, which will focus on assessing English and Maths skills, strong interest in commitment learning.


¿ Developing personal study skills ¿ Understanding Diversity in Society ¿ Career planning ¿ GCSE Maths Higher ( dependant on requirements) ¿ GCSE English Higher ( dependant on requirements)


  • Course work
  • GCSE Exams
  • For applicants who already have a GCSE grade C, but still wish to improve their grades, an extra fee will be charged per GCSE: £792.00 tuition costs plus £35.90 exam costs.


Upon Successful completion and good attendance you will be guaranteed an interview for Access to Higher Education courses. Various routes Include; Humanities, Law, Business, Phycology, History, Media

Further Information 1

In addition to class attendance. You will be required to study in your own time, this includes; reading, assignment writing, online modules. 100% commitment to attendance is required.

Terrie Gemal

Terrie Gemal

Terrie Gemal

Studied: Health Sciences - Access to Higher Education Diploma

Destination: BA in Nursing at King's College London

“Returning to education is daunting and I was afraid that I would be treated like a stereotypical young mother and that I could not do it. I could not have been more wrong. My tutor told us as a group that failure was not an option. Being part of a group of determined and motivated young people helped me grow in confidence.”

Part of the requirements of the course and to progress to a nursing degree at university involves gaining practical experience. Terrie has been on placement at King’s College hospitals’ cardiac unit, and has also volunteered for St John’s Ambulance and the Army Cadets.

Asked why she felt King’s College, one of the top universities in the world, had offered her place, she said: “Because I have shown how much I want it. After living in care I feel so determined to make sure I do not become another statistic.

“I cannot put in to words what it means to me to be offered these places, save that I feel that I have finally done it, finally made it.”