Maths GCSE - Intensive


About the course

Are you keen to gain a GCSE in Maths, or improve on your current grade? This intensive, modular course will help you to achieve your goal.

You may need to take a short test so that we can assess your level and enrol you on the best course for you. However, if you have a recent Grade D in GCSE Maths, you will be accepted onto the course. Just book an assessment or drop in during opening hours (see below).

Finsbury Park Centre (Centre for Lifelong Learning, 28-42 Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, N4 2DG)

  • Monday to Thursday 9am-7pm
  • Friday 9am-3pm

You will study a range of mathematical topics, including Using and Applying Number; Algebra; Shape, Space and Measures; and Data Handling (Statistics). You will practise using a calculator and working without one.

You will sit examinations assessed by AQA in November, March and June.

This qualification will be an invaluable addition to your CV, whatever your plans for the future.


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