Contact Lenses Part 2 - Practical


About the course

This course is for Qualified Dispensing Opticians who have completed a course of study for the contact lens theory examinations, and are preparing for the practical examination.

You need to have passed exams in the theory and application of contact lenses as part of a Diploma in Contact Lens Dispensing. (City and Islington offers both the theoretical training and the full Diploma.) You also need to be working as a Dispensing Optician. 

The course offers you supervised training in the practicalities of creating and fitting contact lenses.

You complete an ABDO-approved series of practical exams in the creation and fitting of contact lenses. Added to the mandatory theoretical component, successful completion of the practical exams qualifies you for the ABDO Contact Lens Certificate, and the right to use the suffix FDBO CL.

After mandatory on-the-job experience in practice after being awarded the CL Certificate, you will have the option of studying for the Advanced Diploma in Contact Lenses. This will enable the use of the suffix FBDO (Hons) CL.

Further Information 1

This is a full-cost course, with no government funding and no concessions.