Building Information Modelling - Certificate (CPD Module 2)


About the course

This is the follow up course to Module 1, and is a hands-on practical software training course for small groups of learners (maximum of 6).

The course shows how BIM can help save SME's, Consultants, Contractors and their client's money and time in the design & construction process. It will also assist in showing how accurate and complete data for all within the construction process can be provided.

The course provides foundation training on BIM processes, procedures, information models, management and collaboration. An introduction is provided on the Government's approach to BIM, and how the benefits of BIM may be applied not only to large Construction Companies but also to SME's, QS and project managers.

To this end the course is aimed at providing delegates with the knowledge base to understand what 5D BIM is and after introducing the BIM concept provides hands on training using Vico Office Software, (a Trimble Product) to provide them with a basic skill set that will enable further development and use of BIM software.

The proposed training modules can be offered CPD Certificated modules to those in practice. The module is offered in conjunction with an external partner, Rapid5D. This company is part of the US owned Trimble group and are the authorised distributor of Vico software and other buildings solutions software e.g. Sketch Up, Modelogix, Prolog.

Rapid5D are currently providing face-to-face technical training for commercial companies. They will provide the technical support and practical experience (case studies & best practice) for the competency aspects of the training.

The course is aimed at those working within the Contracting and Consultancy sector of the Construction (Quantity Surveyors, Estimators, General Builders) Industries and in particular to SME¿s that might find both the cost and risks of buying software together with training to use that software daunting and prohibitive.


  • Model based quantity take-offs (i.e. measurement) using Vico office.
  • Producing model based simple Bill of Quantities (Analytical v Resource Based cost/price Data).
  • 5D BIM estimating using Vico Office.


There is no formal assessment/exam at end of course.

Learners completing this course, who would like to further develop their skills, are encouraged to discuss further bespoke training opportunities.

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