Apprenticeships we offer

Apprenticeships we offer

We offer specialised apprenticeships for a range of industries and professions:

'Apprentices develop their skills and knowledge well in the workplace through expert guidance from their employers and well-qualified and experienced teachers. For example, as a result of their training, a business management apprentice used a wide range of new software packages, including web-based design and social media, to organise a very successful event. Since starting a childcare apprenticeship, an apprentice has been promoted to a supervisory position, citing the skills and knowledge learned on the apprenticeship as key to her success.'

2016 Ofsted Report

Arts, media and culture

Business and commercial

Hair and beauty

Health and childcare

Information and communication technology

Legal services

Science-based industries

What is an apprenticeship

What is an apprenticeship?

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Hire an apprentice

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