Accounting Apprenticeship

CANDI Accounting Apprenticeship

About the framework

Accounting apprenticeships train accountants to work in finance departments and accountancy firms. Apprentices can gain a recognised qualification and professional skills while they work within your organisation.

The Introductory Certificate in Accounting will prepare the apprentices for junior and entry level accounting roles by providing a solid foundation in finance administration - covering areas such as double entry bookkeeping and basic costing principles. After successful completion apprentices can move up to the next apprenticeship levels and achieve the AAT Accounting qualification.

Accounting apprenticeships are open to anyone who is 16 years old or older, who is not in full-time education. There is no upper age limit - in fact mature apprenticeships are increasingly popular for people changing careers.

The Introductory Certificate in Accounting covers the following five units:

  • Basic costing
  • Processing payments and receipts
  • Preparing invoices
  • Completing bank reconciliations
  • Effective business communications and skills including letters, memos and informal reports

In addition to the usual learning methods of your AAT qualification (such as online or distance learning, or classroom study) there are many ways that  apprentices can learn within the workplace:

  • Inductions
  • Feedback and mentoring
  • Briefings, product updates
  • Competence and key skills assessments
  • 1-2-1 teaching and coaching for the apprentice - side-by-side training
  • Job shadowing
  • Required assignment work and study
  • Review meetings
  • 1-2-1s and appraisals
  • Pre-course preparation work

As an employer, you may have your own entry requirements for the apprenticeship position and these can be outlined in the job vacancy. as part of the requirements for the College, apprentices must have achieved level 1 qualification previously. 

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