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The Purchasing section is a division of the College’s Finance Department and serves the procurement needs of all of the College’s departments, both academic and support services.

The Further Education Sector is largely funded by the UK taxpayer and therefore is required to work within the Procurement Directives of the European Community and domestic UK legislation.

The College is committed through the Purchasing Section to ensuring that all procurement and financial regulations and procedures are complied with and value for money is achieved.

Mission statement

The mission of the Purchasing Section is to provide a professional and comprehensive service to all customers within the College, using best procurement practices.  This is achieved by providing customers with advice and guidance on the purchase of goods and services and establishing and renewing contracts on the College behalf.


  • Promote the delivery of value for money through good procurement practice.
  • Raise the level of procurement knowledge, skills and expertise and make them accessible to all.
  • Participate in the work and benefits deriving from Consortium memberships.
  • To provide advice to internal customers on contracts and preferred suppliers, products and pricing.
  • To provide guidance to internal customers on how to tender contracts which fall the aggregated financial College threshold, currently £30,000.
  • To investigate material areas of expenditure within the College to identify the need for new contracts that would benefit the College
  • To promote awareness of purchasing best practice in order to achieve greater adherence to procedures across the College.
  • To process purchase orders and queries on behalf of customers within the timescales agreed.
  • To help ensure that all required legislation is complied with.

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Purchasing staff

Jill Doyle, Purchasing Assistant
Call: 020 7700 9248

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